A non profit committed to the cause of women, children and most marginalised sections of society


Neeti Foundation is registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, emerging as a non profit committed to the cause of women , children and most marginalised sections of society.
 It also has worked as a public policy research and training network based in New Delhi.
We are guided by an Advisory Board consisting of eminent economist, academics, jurists and leaders from media, civil society, bureaucracy and corporate sector.
Neeti has an extensive network of resource person for our work on policy analysis, capacity building and program implementation.
These consist of researchers, apex level training institutions, governance experts, development practitioners, political leaders, media, and international partners.

About Us

Neeti Foundation is an Independent think tank registered under Indian Trust Act 1882. We are guided by an Advisory Board consisting of eminent economists, development professionals academics, jurists and leaders from media, civil society, bureaucracy and corporate sector.

Our mission is to address the needs of the most marginalised communities, especially women and children in India.

Neeti has an extensive network of resource person for our work on policy analysis, capacity building and program implementation especially with regard to funding from bi-laterals as well as funding from corporate social responsibility.

These consist of researchers, content writers, apex level training institutions, governance experts, development practitioners, political leaders, media, and international partners.

We endeavour to bring together all stakeholders on a shared platform to debate and find solutions to issues related to India’s development. By doing so, Neeti Foundation seeks to emerge as a premier organisation committed to the cause of development for all its citizens and also provide a forum for neutral yet passionate intellectual discourse and hands-on action.


  1. To initiate and contribute in the social change process through innovative ideas and action for society including the most marginalised populations of children , youth, women and men –-To organise, conduct, promote or facilitate and/or to help in organising, promoting and/or facilitating programs for the formal and non-formal education for youth and adults and those with special needs and/or requirements.To support creativity ,innovations through technology, writing, theatre on any other relevant forms for youth and children.To institute awards for children, teachers, government and NGO personnel or others for commendable work in education.
  2. To design and disseminate on line courses on significant issues of children, women and society to build awareness or support compliance of organisations.
  3. Support NGO’s in professionalising their cadres of workers through various capacity building courses 
  4. To establish, maintain, run, develop, acquire , improve and extend and encourage and/or to aid or assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, acquisition, improvement and extension of facilities, for research and development in all fields of learning, sciences and/or, application and for self-help and expression in all fields of art, craft and science, including through libraries, reading rooms, study rooms and other facilities,
  5. To promote skill building and development of employability skills among children and young adults through school education and outside.
  6. To assist in the amelioration of poverty and of the socially and economically underprivileged or distressed by operating or assisting in the operation of free or subsidised kitchens and/or shelters and/or by provision of food, clothing and other facilities and grants In cash or kind and/or by teaching and providing them the means, skills and tools of improvement and self-help.
  7. To build, erect and construct and to aid and assist in the construction of homes and other facilities for the care of the destitute, orphans, aged and handicapped. technology, health related inputs preventive and curative , child protection preventive , awareness raising and addressal, child development and other social interventions
  8. To support, promote and establish interventions that improve the quality of school education and student learning in the government, NGO and private sectors and the community at large as a part of national goal of education.
  9. Support children and communities on issues of importance to them especially with regard to child rights, parents issues, gender, protection and life skills education
  10. To undertake, training and capacity building of teachers, headmasters, teacher educators, government and non-government personnel, educational administrators, researchers, education workers and other organisations on various aspects of education
  11. To demonstrate and promote technological breakthroughs to empower marginalised groups through interventions in pre-school, schools ,colleges, self help groups and women groups and other relevant forums
  12. To establish social labs, centres of excellence in any relevant field of education/development and bring out quality publications to support children’s learning, development , education, awareness
  13. To conduct academic and thematic seminars, dialogue, research ,trainings, conferences and bring out reports, policy papers on areas of interest of the Foundation and publish books on any of the themes stated above etc.



Development sector specialist since 1993 at progressively senior levels (nearly 17 years with the UN) in design and implementation of programmes on sustainable human development, gender responsive governance, human development, and convergence to meet MDGs. A Distinguished Adjunct Fellow of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) and Advisor to the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Bhubaneswar.


25 Years of work experience in the field of media, public relations and writing. She has also worked with a range of issues and programmes with Action Aid, UNDP, Room to Read, India and more. Has authored 12 books on tribal land rights in India in Hindi and has developed content for children in the form of poetry, stories, riddles and related themes.


Thematic Areas of Work

Education – from early childhood to secondary education
Child Rights – protection, child labour prevention and participation
Women’s Rights – legal literacy, sexual and reproductive health, anti sexual harassment at workplace
Rights based development work – development strategies and understanding of legal frameworks impacting development and poverty eradication.

Financial Inclusion

Neeti works in collaboration with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Ministry of Finance, Government of India to engender greater capability at all levels to sustain benefits of Financial Inclusion. Network 18 is our Media Partner.

Energy & Environment

Neeti works on policy reform and advocacy for sustainable management of energy and environment, including power sector reform and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sustainable human development means that the citizens experience a better quality of life and our natural resources, including Water, Land and forests are sustainably managed and conserved. Policy analysis and building capacity for improved access to energy resources and low carbon economy will be special area of focus for the forum.

Our team

Dr. Harshvardhan Kumar


Sarnali Chatterjee



Randeep Kaur

More than 22 years of work as a development professional. Has worked with a range of international organisations like UNICEF, Plan International , Save the Children Room to Read India in different areas of the country.

Naveen Bhushan Sharma

Is a Finance Officer in NTPC, Economist in RBI, AGM (Risk) in IDBI Bank, Head Strategy in OIA (a company in African infrastructure), Director in Neeti Research. Eco (Hons.) St. Stephen’s, MA -Eco (JNU), Chartered Financial Analyst (US)

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